Experience THE LUME in a different light as we turn up Thursday nights by welcoming guest DJ's to remix our Italian operatic score - with the iconic figures and tales of the Renaissance brought to life across our 3,000 sqm space. It's Da Vinci, done differently. 

Join us for a reimagined journey through Da Vinci's masterpieces, blending classical art with modern beats. Enjoy our 'after hours' version of THE LUME as you know it, with a curated selection of Italian-inspired food and beverages, including Pidapipo gelato, a Sofi Spritz cocktail bar, and antipasto platters made to roam around the floor. Don't miss this unique fusion of art, music, and gourmet delights.


Flex Mami - SOLD OUT

Flex Mami is a dynamic DJ known for her eclectic sets and infectious energy. Based in Melbourne, she blends genres effortlessly, creating immersive experiences that keep crowds dancing.

Beyond the decks, Flex Mami is a multifaceted creative – a TV presenter, author, and podcaster who champions diversity and self-expression. Her bold style and vibrant personality make her a standout in the music scene, inspiring audiences with every beat she drops.

"Flex Mami has become one of Australia’s most versatile DJs."​ - Lady Startup

When: 6:30pm, Thursday 4 July 2024
Tickets: $49.90


Tanzer - 11 July 2024

Raised in the crumbling majesty of Rome, Tanzer delivers culture-clash disco dramarama and hyper-colour haughtiness with a voice from another dimension.

A singer, composer, video artist, designer and DJ, Tanzer's multidisciplinary magic is instantly arresting. Cinematic, high-glamour, hyper-colour escapism that prances happily from opera to disco and from the experimental to pure pop - exploring self-image, gender, romance and the power of the alter ego.

"Tanzer represents everything Eurovision is adored for — glamour, extravagance, ridiculousness, campness, that Eurovision je ne sais quoi." - ABC News

6:15pm - 8:30pm, Thursday 11 July 2024
Tickets: $49.90


Experience Da Vinci, done differently


Indulge in Pidapipo's artisan gelato, crafted with love using authentic Italian recipes and the finest ingredients.

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SOFI Spritz Bar

Experience a taste of Italy with refreshing cocktails at the SOFI Spritz Popup Bar. Savour the moment and unwind in style.

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Antipasto To-Go!

Our crowd favourite antipasto platter will be made to take with you as you roam the gallery and enjoy the music.

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Codex Atlanticus

Four new pages reveal never-before-seen sketches and groundbreaking concepts that will deepen your appreciation for Da Vinci.

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