THE LUME Melbourne is an epic adventure into art. Australia’s and the Southern hemisphere’s first permanent digital art experience transforms the world’s finest masterpieces into fully immersive sensory encounters.

The Lume Melbourne - An epic adventure into art

THE LUME Melbourne is created by Grande Experiences,
the Melbourne-based company at the forefront of transforming exhibitions into experiences globally

THE LUME Melbourne is among this city’s most prestigious art and cultural attractions. Making its permanent home inside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, it is not only Australia’s, but also the Southern Hemisphere’s first purpose-built space to seamlessly animate art at such a jaw-dropping scale. Much more than a simple exhibition space, THE LUME Melbourne’s state-of-the-art design combines sights, sounds, tastes and aromas to give visitors a unique chance to enter into the world of the artist. THE LUME Melbourne is breathing new life into the most essential visual art from around the world. Both playful and profound, exhilarating and liberating, THE LUME Melbourne is an invitation to see art in a whole new light.

THE LUME Melbourne is an expansive 3,000 square metre, four-storey high, digital art gallery that is delivering a truly awe-inspiring adventure into art. With no time limits and no set paths, your experience is entirely up to you. Explore every perspective of your favourite work, or simply stand still and let the wonder of the artistry wash over you. Within the gallery, discover tantalising food and beverage offerings uniquely themed to the experience as well as additional surprises you will want to share instantly with your friends.

Why tiptoe through a silent gallery to view masterpieces from afar when you can be immersed in the world of the artist on the grandest scale?

Imagine the vivid colours and intricate details of world-renowned artworks coming to life all around you while a symphony of sounds, aromas and tastes create an experience unlike anything that has come before it.

Melbourne’s own Grande Experiences is an art and culture company with a global footprint, dedicated to the art of storytelling and the creation of transformative journeys of discovery.

Since 2006, Grande Experiences has created and produced over 230 touring and permanent exhibitions and experiences in more than 170 cities to 20+ million visitors, bringing to life the genius and masterpieces of artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet and the French Impressionists, as well as the beauty and wonder of nature and science.

The Grande Experiences’ story began when owner and founder, Bruce Peterson, relocated to Italy with his young family, to work closely with world experts on a new Leonardo da Vinci exhibition (artisans, historians, and scientific engineers in both Italy and France). With their invaluable assistance, Bruce successfully developed the first large-scale, comprehensive, touring exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. The vision was to take the fascinating story of Da Vinci to people around the world, so they could be enthralled and inspired by his genius. 16 years on, it remains the largest and most detailed exhibition of the Italian master’s works anywhere in the world and is still running in Rome, Italy.

Grande Experiences has pioneered the global move from artefact-based exhibitions, to multimedia exhibitions, to fully integrated multi-sensory immersive experiences, large and small. The art of storytelling bursts into life, engaging all the senses simultaneously, immersing the visitor in an ocean of moving image, music, light, sound and even smell. Today Grande Experiences is one of the leading exhibition companies in the world.

THE LUME Digital Arts Program aims to foster and celebrate the talent of established and emerging Australian digital media artists

It does this by providing a highly visible, powerful showcase on the world stage at Melbourne’s must-see cultural attraction – THE LUME Melbourne.

Artists and collectives are invited to pitch for a 3-minute slot as part of THE LUME content program.

Our partnerS

Venue partner

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is the home of unconventional. At MCEC we do things a little differently. We bring fresh ideas and imagination to every event. And our city is our inspiration. Melbourne is on show at MCEC – in the architecture and design, food and hospitality, location and views. We’re delighted to be the permanent home of THE LUME Melbourne, who share our commitment to doing things differently.

Supporting partners

As the Arts capital of Australia, Melbourne’s prolific cultural scene is envied and applauded. For many years, celebrated as the Hotel for the Arts, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins has launched and supported the city’s most exciting cultural events. The hotel is proud to be partnering with Australia’s first permanent digital gallery, THE LUME Melbourne, encouraging guests to experience an epic adventure into art.

Supporting partner

Founded in 1890, the Alliance Française de Melbourne (AFM) is an Australian not-for-profit association dedicated to the promotion of French language and culture. It is the only French cultural centre in Victoria and the largest French language school in the state, offering native French-speaking teachers and a broad range of courses/private tuition/immersion days/workshops/excursions for all ages. AFM also organises major cultural events each year, including the French Film Festival.