THE LUME Melbourne is the world’s largest digital art gallery.

Ranking among the most-loved and most-visited attractions in Australia's capital of arts and culture, THE LUME Melbourne immerses visitors into the world’s finest art at a truly jaw-dropping scale. An expansive 3,000 square metre, four-storey high space, THE LUME Melbourne is the first permanent space in the Southern Hemisphere of its kind.

THE LUME Melbourne is created by Grande Experiences, the Melbourne-based company at the forefront of transforming exhibitions into experiences globally.

Our Mission

THE LUME Melbourne utilises state-of-the-art design and technology to transform the most essential visual art from around the world into multi-sensory, memorable encounters. At once playful and profound, exhilarating and liberating, THE LUME Melbourne invites visitors to see art in a whole new light, aiming to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

The Experience

Why tiptoe through a silent gallery to view masterpieces from afar when you can be immersed in the world of the artist on the grandest scale?

Imagine the vivid colours and intricate details of world-renowned artworks coming to life all around you while a symphony of sounds, aromas and tastes create a truly unique experience. With no time limits and no set paths, your experience at THE LUME Melbourne is entirely up to you. Explore every perspective of your favourite work, or simply stand still and let the wonder of the artistry wash over you.


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