The Connection soundtrack showcases a broad spectrum of incredible music, taking audiences deeper into the world of First Nations art. It draws from the work of iconic Indigenous musicians and bands such as Yothu Yindi, Archie Roach and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, contemporary artists such as Baker Boy and Alice Skye, as well as traditional ceremonial songs.

The main challenge was to bring together a mix of music with close connections to the themes of the experience — Our Country, Water Country and Sky Country — while also resonating with the emotion and meaning of the curated works.

All the artworks featured in Connection are imbued with incredible knowledge and depth; some of the works are deeply pensive, some are powerful and bold, others bright and playful, so we attempted to complement and reflect these various qualities through the tone of the music.

There are many spine-tingling moments in the soundtrack. Here are just three of them: The powerful harmonies in ‘Tears for Law’ by Yothu Yindi, which connects with the vibrant reds of Tommy Watson’s Western Desert paintings. The climax of William Barton’s Didgeridoo and Orchestra on ‘Spirit of Kalkadungu’ together with the magic of Sarrita King’s iconic lightning themed artworks. The closing ceremony which features the energy of Baker Boy’s Meditjin (feat. JessB), combined with Wayne Quilliam’s evocative ceremonial dance photography.

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Educational information

Welcome Ceremony

Learn about the traditional meaning and contemporary significance of this ritual.


Land, Water & Sky Country

Connection curator Margo Ngawa Neale explains the meaning of Country to First Peoples across Land, Water and Sky.



Learn about the significant roles that the land's natural features play as memory aids in First Peoples' cultures.


Art of the First Peoples

Art is culture made visible; a way of affirming connection to place, to Country and to each other. Discover the traditional and contemporary methods of storytelling being employed by First Nations artists.



Learn about some of the recurring symbols used in First Peoples' art for millennia.

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